"Revised 2007" Firearms Return Policy

AWA-USA, Inc. (American Western Arms) warranties its product against manufacturers’ defects for life. Normal wear and tear, abuse or modifications on firearms are not warranted.

To avoid inconsistencies in returned firearms, we have instituted the following policy for all customer returns.

Click here to print authorization sheet

Under no circumstance should a firearm be returned to AWA-USA without an authorization sheet. Should a firearm be sent without said authorization sheet, our Repairs Department has been instructed to repair as a standard repair at the standard shop rates.

Having made the determination that you wish AWA-USA to inspect the firearm, you need to print the authorization sheet.

Any firearm being returned to AWA-USA should be carefully boxed in its original storage case inside a shipping box. The detailed authorization sheet, explanation of what is believed to be wrong with the firearm should be placed inside the case.

AWA-USA will make every effort to expedite a speedy return of your firearm, standard delivery at no cost to our customer, provided the repairs have been determined to be necessary resulting of a manufacturing defect.

Our aim is to return all firearms within 14 days; however, some repairs may take longer. Please refrain from calling us to get a repair update during the normal 14-day repair cycle.

Should it be determined that the necessary repair(s) are not of a manufacturing defective nature the customer will then be contacted via telephone and an explanation of the costs involved to repair the firearm will be explained and the customer will have the option to determine the outcome.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Debbie R.
Customer Service

AWA International Lightning Rifle

AWA-USA does not perform any warrantee repairs on other manufacturers’ products, only standard repairs. We will continue repairing AWA-International Lightning Rifles as an Act of Goodwill. Owners of AWA-Intl. Lightnings are required to pay for all parts and/or shipping & handling charges. We will continue to comp labor only.

This policy is on a one on one basis and up to AWA-USA discretion.

Russell J. Simpson

Click here to print the Authorization Sheet
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